Wanna Get Rid of a Zit Instantly? Here’s How

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Suppose you have a party to attend, and you woke up in the morning with a big zit right on your face, which seems to have stolen away all your beauty; this is when you are likely to try out every desperate measure to get rid of zit instantly. Zits are bothering, ugly and they are just irritating for everyone; and they have this tendency to come out at the wrongest times. Following your Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing routine strictly with good anti-acne products can surely reduce the zit, but it is a time taking the process and might not be the best solution when you are running out of time. Here are some easy home remedies that can be highly useful to get rid of the zit quickly.

Apply toothpaste: This is one of the easiest remedies that are always available at hand. Some white toothpaste contains Silica, which acts in reducing the redness of the zit and also helps in quick drying. Use toothpaste to cover the zit and leave it overnight. In the morning peel off the dried paste and wash your face with a good cleanser. Do not use toothpaste with fluoride which might have harmful effects on the skin.

Use Aspirin: Most of the times, you have a strip of Aspirin at home, and you can use a thick paste of Aspirin on the zit to get rid of it instantly. Aspirin contains Salicylic Acid which kills the bacteria responsible for the growth of zits. Apply the paste overnight.

Apply Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial, as well as anti-inflammatory properties; and it is always suggested to maintain a ready stock of tea tree oil from a good brand at home, particularly for those who suffer from regular pimples and zits. Application of a drop of tea tree oil on the zit can reduce its size and help to dry it instantly.

Baking Soda: Baking soda is another effective home remedy to get rid of pimples since it helps exfoliate skin to remove excess oil, grime, and dead skin cells. Make a paste by mixing one teaspoon of baking soda with a few lemon or lemon juice. Clean your skin nicely, leaving it moist. Apply the paste to the affected regions and let it dry for a couple of minutes. Never store baking soda onto your skin for more than a couple of minutes as it may lead to irritation or dryness. Repeat the procedure twice every day.

Try Listerine: The original Listerine has been found to be of great use in reducing zits instantly. Use a drop of it on the zit, not more than twice a day; and sleep with it on the zit overnight. It is believed that Listerine kills the bacteria of the zits helping in drying it out instantly.

Using some astringent on the zit can also be helpful, as the astringent dry out the extra oils of skin, and helps in tightening of the pores, which can reduce the zits naturally. If you need to get rid of zit instantly applying any of the above measures can be helpful.

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