Causes of Acne

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Before we get to the causes of acne, let me share an experience. “One fine evening when I was getting dressed for a very important company party, I was faced with my worst nightmare in the mirror. A zit! At that time all I could think was Why me? Why now?


We all have had such “why God? Why?” moments. Wondering what causes these horrible acne creations. What causes acne? Are there any foods that cause acne? Is there some special prayer we need to say every morning to keep it at bay? Well, I researched and researched and found few answers to the universal questions about acne causes.


Major Causes of Acne:

Touchy-Touchy: No matter how much you love yourself, or how perfect you think you look, remember that touching your face too much is going to cause acne. Simply put, our hands come in contact with germs and secret oil. When these germs and oils collect on the delicate skin of the face, it causes the pores to get infected, and acne occurs. Horrible how something so simple can cause so much distress, right?


Too Sweet: Did you know that our skin cells are also a channel for the body to get rid of undigested, or unwanted foods? Dairy and sweets, beyond the required amount, is bound to be thrown out of the body. When the skin tries to get rid of dairy and sugar, it tends to come out in the form of cysts, pimples, and blemishes. So you may like pastries and milkshakes, but too much of them may cause your skin some trouble like deadly skin.


Stress: Oh this is one of the most common reasons for acne occurs. Dermatologists and beauty experts the world over opine that stress causes the adrenaline gland to produce more of cortisol which in turn makes the sebaceous gland produce more and more oil. Long story short, stress makes your skin oily and causes acne. So, the more you stress about the acne, the more you cause it! Vicious circle, isn’t it?


Dirty-Dirty: Being dirty is one of the major acne causes on your skin. I am not implying that you don’t bathe or anything. All I say is that you may not be cleansing your face right, and that could lead to causing of acne. Our face is exposed to so many germs and so much dirt that it is important to be more particular about keeping it clean. Many beauty experts opine that one should wash their face with a face wash, not soap, after every meal. Eating food causes the skin to secrete oil naturally. Washing your face after meals will cause that secreted oil to get cleaned off and not clog your pores.


Hormonal Dysfunction: Let’s face it, men during puberty and women of all ages have to deal with a lot of hormonal upheavals now and then. These hormonal ups and downs cause the skin to break out to acne. The reason for this is not clear to me yet, though I do blame the devil for it!


Medications: Medication tends to cause a strain on the nervous system that causes some kink in the hormones. So, as said earlier, hormonal dysfunction happens again.


I know the cause doesn’t matter because you don’t want it to occur at all! But knowing the causes can help you keep this acne and blemishes at bay! All the best!

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