Body Acne and Its Causes

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Acne can happen to anybody and at any age and it is quite common to get body acne, but when you know the exact body acne causes, it becomes easy for you to treat. People have a misconception regarding the occurrence of acne which makes them assume that acne is formed on the face and nose. The breakout can be severe in bigger body parts such as chest, back, and neck. Both male and female can get into this kind of problem though the severity is noted in men. Body acne can cause pain and irritation and thus treat it is crucial.

Common Causes of Body Acne

Just like acne on nose and face, there are certain causes of body acne which can be avoided to prevent them from occurring.

Overactive Oil Glands: Commonly known as oil glands, sebaceous glands lubricates the skin by creating sebum or oil. However, when the production of sebum or oil is more than what is required, it can cause skin acne, anywhere in the body. The excess oils block the skin pores and the sebaceous glands which causes blockage within the follicles. These things together cause an environment where acne can grow.

Dead skin Shells: The epidermis layer of your skin is responsible for causing skin shredding. The death skin is shredded now and then. For people with acne, the production of dead skin cells is four to five times more than a regular person. The death skin cells is not shed properly, and they get stuck in the follicles. This can also cause the growth of acne-causing bacteria and result in acne.

Bacteria: P Acne bacteria are found in most of the skins of the human body. When you have more than enough death skin cells, or you have oil stored in the skin pore, it does not allow oxygen enter into the skin pores. This environment is perfect for the growth of P Acne. The growth of the bacteria goes out of control, and that can cause skin acne in people of all ages.

Some say pressure on skin, stress, and friction can cause acne through the core reasons are mentioned above. It is very essential to understand the problem you are facing and then go for treatment. When you treat the acne, it is essential to maintain clear skin. The body acne causes can be determined quite easily and thus; the acne treatments becomes easy.

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