Major Causes of Acne Vulgaris and Modern Treatment

Acne vulgaris, popularly known as acne occurs due to different reasons,  discretion of excessive oil from the sebaceous glands in the skin is a main reason for acne. This irritates the skin and the cavities in the hair roots are clogged. The debris is accumulated on the inner skin and the body reacts to that, resulting in acne wounds.  Acne occurs during the adolescent period, mainly among the youths and the age of the victim is another important factor. Environment factors and unhealthy food habits of the person also remain some of the other reasons for acnes.  The stressful life also is causing the occurrence of acne.  The problem remains widespread and chronic and so the thriving pharma/medical fraternity is deeply involved in finding an effective treatment for acne.  Hence, many types of treatments are available.  Suitable steps could be taken initially to prevent the acne formation.  Usage of chemical peels or toothpaste is done for removing the oil from the skin, few more causes listed here. Picking or popping of the acne is to be avoided.  Home and herbal remedies are used for treating acne.  Skin care and cosmetic lotions and other products also help to cure the acne.  Laser treatment is a major option relied upon by the victims these days.  The supervision of an expert dermatologist or doctor is essential while getting the treatment.

Scars tend to remain in the affected area even after the successful treatment of acne.  Acne scar removal treatment is becoming a necessity.  And it is also to be done under the expert medical care. Scare marks removal is not an easy job and any offhand mistake could aggravate the problem. Scars are removed through resurfacing, filling and excision or subcision methods.  Laser treatment is helpful to remove the scars and many successful procedures have been practiced by the experts depending on the nature of the acne and its scar.  Surgical operations are not encouraged by the people for removal of scars.  Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion options are followed by the specialists for removing the scars.  Subcutaneous incision method is preferred for curing the rolling acne scars.  Grafting of the skin is also carried out on the affected area.

Treatment of acne as well as the scar was very difficult in the past.  But modern facilities have been evolved over the years to cure these problems and the success rate is high these days.  The best acne scar treatment is available only under the guidance and supervision of an expert dermatologist.

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