Exposed Skin Care Coupon Code 2014

exposed skin care coupon codeFor anyone suffering from acne problem and regularly buying products, Exposed Skin Care Coupon will prove to be a jackpot. Acne is a very frustrating problem. In addition to this, a lot of products provide misleading information, confusing buyers which brand to purchase. Therefore, one should make a very careful decision. In my opinion, Exposed skin care products have catered to my needs very well. These products are designed and approved by dermatologist, cosmetologists and naturalists.

An exposed skin care acne treatment product not only treats current acne but prevents the breakouts of acne in future too. They are a perfect combination of best known medications for acne and natural ingredients. All the ingredients are FDA approved and safe on skin.

Coupon Codes of Exposed Skin Care Products:

Discounts are offered on individual products but the Exposed Skin Care coupons ensure you get the whole acne treatment package at fabulous prices.

There is the Basic 5-piece kit which contains facial cleanser for removing dirt and acne-causing bacteria, clearing tonic to rebalance the skin, acne-treatment serum for day long protection, night-time clear-pore serum and a derm-X cloth available for $49.95.

The Expanded 6-piece kit contains Moisture complex to provide nourishment to the skin in addition to the above mentioned products in the basic kit for $59.95.

Then, there is the ultimate 9-piece kit which contains microderm scrub to smoothen the skin, clarifying mask to remove impurities of the skin and probiotic complex to increase the immunity of the body in addition to the products already mentioned for $94.95.

The only problem associated with Exposed skin care products is that, they are not available over-the-counter. They can only be ordered online. By ordering online, you can make the best use of your exposedskincare coupon.

Where to Buy?
The best place to order the products online is through their website. It is not only safe and secure but it also provides huge discounts for its buyers. Currently, there is 40-53% discount going on which is not available elsewhere.

Special Offers At The Moment
Currently the special offers available for you on their website are –

  • Order an Exposed product kit. Use it and submit your pictures before and after usage. If the pictures get selected then you get full one year’s supply of Exposed products FREE!!
  • If you were earlier using any other competitor’s product and were not satisfied with their product, then just send an empty bottle of it and get $25 credited to your account.
  • You will definitely see improved results in just 30 days. But, if your skin is not acne-free or smooth in 30 days, or if this product fails you in anyway, there is a money back guarantee for your first kit even after 1 year of its purchase.

There is a 15% discount code for Exposed skin care products at couponpaste[dot]com. There are also discounts available on exposedskincoupon[dot]com in the range of 5%-$20 on your purchases. I would definitely advise all of you to avail the special discounts and special offers before they all go away. Order your kit today with the exposed skin care coupon and see the difference by yourself.

If you do not wish to avail these discounts, the product is also available at and other online portals.

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